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IMG_8791October is Women’s Small Business Month

Stepping Stones Summit IV

Join Access Florida Finance Corporation, on OCTOBER 30th 2014, as we support women entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities at the Preparing for Business Success in 2015 event at:  FLORIDA BLUE, 4800 Deerwood Campus Pkwy., Jacksonville, 32246



Building Buzz With Online Events

by:  Business.com Editorial Staff

Social media is an inexpensive, yet potentially highly powerful, marketing tool to aid in the launching of a new product. Scheduling a series of online events to create buzz and excitement properly primes your target audience to be both informed and eager to purchase.


Why your company needs a social media policy

According to Twitter’s “About” page, the social media company has 271 million monthly users, and 500 million tweets are sent per day. Facebook more than quadruples that number with 1.32 billion monthly users, and let’s not forget about the users that are on Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Those are relevant numbers to you, as it shows that it is highly likely that your employees are on social media networking sites.