President of AFFC, Mark Scovera on Social Media, Inc. Magazine

by:  Bernard Warner

In 2006, facing low morale and high turnover, the Hills & Dales General Hospital in Cass City, Michigan, introduced a new code of conduct. It forbade gossip, encouraged teamwork, and included an employee pledge to “represent Hills & Dales in the community in a positive and professional manner in every opportunity.”

But the code failed the Facebook test. This April, the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, ruled it illegal after a Hills & Dales employee was punished for defending a fired co-worker in a Facebook post that called the hospital’s managers “douchebags.” The NLRB found the “no gossip” tenet and its broadly worded “positive and professional” pledge-which Hills & Dales cited when disciplining that worker-violated staff members’ rights to discuss work conditions without retaliation.


Forget Big Data, Business Leaders Still Go With Their Gut, Study Says

Do you ever worry that robots will one day run our major corporations, making dispassionate decisions based strictly on big data and cold statistical analyses? Or maybe some of us think that time has already come?

Fear not, says a new studu that looks at the roles of gut reaction, respect, trust and other emotions in high-level business decisions. They’re way more important, and perhaps underestimated, than previously believed.


How to Start a Small Business

People are attracted to the idea of owning their own small business for different reasons. You may crave the freedom and independence of being your own boss, have a great business idea, want to make a lot of money or simply want escape the nine-to-five routine. Whatever your motivation, take comfort knowing you´re not alone.