10 Little Known Facts About Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day in January, there are some little known facts about Dr. King that we will highlight here:

10. Martin Luther King, Jr. day was not recogized as a paid national holiday by all 50 states until 2000. (TIME)

9. The U2 song, “Pride (In The Name of Love)” was written about Martin Luther King, Jr. (Post Chronicle)

8. He went to Morehouse College at the age of just 15. (BBC)

7. He is the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, at the age of 35. (Nobel)

6. He saved the original series of Star Trek by encouraging Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura, to stay on the show. (National Post)

5. Martin Luther King, Jr. died aged 39. He himself predicted he would not live to 40. (BBC)

4. He was the first black American to be named TIME Man of the Year. (TIME)

3. Over 730 streets in the U.S. are named after him. (WS Journal)

2. He travelled over 6 million miles during his lifetime. (Nobel)

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born Michael Luther King, Jr. (Nobel)

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