12 Places to Promote Your Website – Online and Offline

by: Anita Campbell

If you’re like most business owners, you are always looking for places to promote your business online. After all, you don’t have the advantage of huge brands that are household names. You have to work at getting visibility. Here is a handy checklist of 12 places to get visibility – make sure you have these covered if they apply to your business:


Customer Receipts: Put your website URL on your receipts to build awareness and loyalty. Provide the URL to a survey (make sure the URL is short) on your website. Offer a free monthly drawing for those who take part in the survey to encourage them to visit your website. Not only will it encourage visitors, but you could gather some terrific customer feedback and testimonials this way.

Packaging: Do include your website address on packaging material. If you provide a sturdy and nice-looking shopping bag, for instance, many people will save it. They will see your URL again and again each time they re-use the bag – or it may be passed along to someone else to see.

Outdoor advertising and advertising in public places: If you depend on a local market, consider outdoor advertising such as billboards, buses, subway station placards, train stations and other public venues. For this, it helps to have a short or catchy domain name that people can easily remember.

In Presentations: If you’ve been invited to speak at an event — whether it’s for the local Chamber of Commerce breakfast or a national industry event — include your web address prominently on any PowerPoint slides. At the very least, put your URL on the beginning and ending slides, and if possible in the footer of each slide. Don’t forget key social media profiles — and mention your blog, too! Give people a reason to want to stay connected with you afterward. If people request a print copy of the presentation, the information will be there. Or, if the presentation is shared online as is often the case, the URL will be there.


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