13 Tactics to Land Your Start-up Customers

Selling a brand new product or service is one of the toughest jobs around. Here’s just what you need to know to win.

Start-up selling to big companies is one of the hardest jobs around. Your product is still being built. Your team is still gelling (or coming apart–or both). There’s little marketing support and few customer references. You’ve only got a few bucks in the bank. And, worst of all, you aren’t at all sure how well the rest of the team is going to be able to deliver once you close a deal.

To give you a hand, here are 13 tips for start-up salespeople.

1. Target Your Opportunities

Start with five target companies to focus on. Having too many options is too confusing. Once you’ve made some progress with those five, you can expand your search. No need to rush.

2. Use Your Network Selectively

Initially, you don’t know how the rest of your start-up team is going to perform. Save your big contacts and the full power of your network until you know your team is up for the challenge.


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