August is National Black Business Month – How can you help?


1-Aug                     Make a deposit in a black owned bank

2-Aug                     Purchase from a black-owned grocery store

3-Aug                     Shop of a black book/magazine

4-Aug                     Buy from a black farmer, vintner

5-Aug                     Support an HBCU

6-Aug                     Shop with a black web merchant

7-Aug                     Eat at a black-owned restaurant

8-Aug                     Invest in your civil rights

9-Aug                     Call a black realtor

10-Aug                   Visit your black doctor or dentist or medical professional

11-Aug                   Book at a black hotel or casino

12-Aug                   Support a black church

13-Aug                   Obtain a quote from a black contractor

14-Aug                   Shop with or form a coop

15-Aug                   Visit an African American museum or library

16-Aug                   Encourage supplier diversity

17-Aug                   Support black theatre

18-Aug                   Support black broadcasters

19-Aug                   Watch or rent a black-produced film

20-Aug                   Buy music from a black musician

21-Aug                   Subscribe to a black newsletter or magazine

22-Aug                   Register for a black organization event or conference

23-Aug                   Use a black caterer or event planner

24-Aug                   Contribute to a black political candidate

25-Aug                   Visit a black barber or beauty shop

26-Aug                   Buy black memorabilia,  or art

27-Aug                   Buy black fashion (particularly for school)

28-Aug                   Visit a black retailer

29-Aug                   Form a wholesale buying club

30-Aug                   Visit a black cultural event

31-Aug                   Shop with a black web merchant

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