Don’t Believe the Network Marketing Hype

Is there lots and lots of hype in every network marketing company? Of course, we’ve all witnessed it. The overly positive, extra excited big wig that tells that amazing story, of that super journey and gets the room going and next thing you know, people are signing up like crazy!
The business of network marketing is heavily driven by emotions and by dreams. You have a group of individuals that are desperately wanting to change their circumstance, make more money, have more time, be financially free and clear of the rat race and hence the emotional state of these individuals is at an all time high.
The hype-guy or gal starts to speak about their success, that was an instant success and about the crazy commission checks, the residual income, passive income and the other income that was streaming in from every which way without them doing much of anything at all and what do you, that is all that it takes! Everyone in the room is excited. Everyone in the room is empowered. Everyone in the room is uplifted and ready and willing to try something new because it is going to set them free. Sold!….
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