Practice your 60 second introduction over and over until you feel confident in saying it to several people. Write it out and repeat it to yourself or share it with your “Networking Buddy”. Make sure to include your name, company name, the typical problem most of your customers have and how you can provide a solution, plus a call to action. A call to action simply means an action step you want your audience to take. A few examples would be, call today for a free quote, visit our website at xyz.com or if you’d like a free report please hand me your business card and I’ll send it to you.

A few other important things to bring with you include your business cards, a pen, a free promotional item or other leave behind piece such as a brochure, postcard or flyer. You won’t be passing these items out to everyone unless they specifically ask for them. Don’t assume that everyone wants information about what you offer.

Set a goal to meet 5 new connectors or referral partners at the event. Maybe look for other people that have a similar target audience as you and collaborate on a project. Listen to announcements of what additional events are coming up that you might want to attend. If you’ve been attending the same event for several months, maybe try and schedule 3 on the spot appointments or schedule lunch or coffee with someone new. Make sure to bring your calendar for the upcoming week.

Before walking out the door, freshen up, take some breath mints (just in case) check your attitude and don’t forget to smile when you get there!

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