How Praising Employees Can Help Your Business Thrive

by:  Gwen Moran

It’s no secret that employee praise — ranging from a pat on the back to major public kudos — is a good thing. But many managers struggle with this soft skill or don’t give it enough credence, says Bill Flint, founder of Flint Strategic Partners, a management consulting firm in Goshen, Ind.

“Too often, leaders get caught up in telling people what they’re doing wrong instead of showing that they care,” he says. To reap the rewards of a kind word or two, here are five ways to easily incorporate performance-boosting praise into your organization.

1. Stop and talk to employees. As you walk through your office, take time to stop and talk to employees, thanking them for their hard work. It sounds simple, says Flint, but that kind of unexpected praise can put pep in the step of most employees.


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