Lesson #117: You’re an entrepreneur if… A bad economy is a good opportunity

by: Mr. Kevin D. Johnson

Times were good. No, they were great.  My company had just passed six figures in revenue, and it was headed to break the seven-figure mark. My team grew to almost twenty people, all of which were passionate about the business and exceeded my expectations.  Various local and national publications were calling me to secure an interview, so that they could highlight me, a young entrepreneur with great potential.   I even received a call from a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual who saw me featured in a magazine and thought I would be a great client.  We met, and he handed me a leather, three-ring binder with a detailed plan that would enable me to retire comfortably by age 40. I was barely in my twenties.

Fast forward a few years to now.  The glory days are long gone. As President Obama likes to put it, we continue to face the worse economic times since the Great Depression.  Since 2008, my company revenues have dropped.  Sometimes it feels like the challenging financial times of our startup days.


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