Jeff Atwater-Florida’s Chief Financial Officer

It is with great excitement that we announce information about our new Your Money Matter$ Small Business web page. This page is home to financial information and resources specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

   Another new page to check out is The Bottom Line. It is full of valuable information for the inside track on Florida’s Financial Health.

The Small Business page features our How to Write a Winning Business Plan webinar, featuring Access Florida Finance, and a series of video presentations titled Are You an Entrepreneur?, The 10 Most Common Money Mistakes, and Are You Certifiable?

In addition to information on the Small Business page, the Your Money Matter$ website hosts a wide variety of financial education topics including calculators to help users forecast and assess their financial outlook, and information to guide users through substantial life events that have an impact on their finances.

We hope that you find this resource helpful and ask that you share it with your clients, customers, employees, family and friends. If you have ideas on other information and topics that would be helpful to business owners and entrepreneurs, please let us know so we can grow the website.