Social Media Makes Good Cents

By Jamie Bristow-Lavoie, CEO of JBEC Group and Nonprofit Match, Inc.

Recently, our team was invited to the monthly meeting of the Florida Public Relations Association lunch. In Pensacola, we find that industry networking is critical for all types of businesses regardless of size, demographics and customers. After the munching commenced, we were gratified at what we heard. Social media and networking is supreme today and will be throughout our lifetime.

Guest speaker, Stephen Brown of Atlanta’s Cohn & Wolfe, discussed social media trends and his tips for businesses and organizations to amplify their message. He succinctly described new social media strategies and simple steps businesses should take to build their marketing and media capacity. Our business family here at JBEC Group and Nonprofit Match, Inc. tries at all costs to provide clients and members with top industry services, products and news. We constantly ask the hard questions about small business and nonprofit marketing, new trends in fundraising and investor response. Of course the answers always circumvents to social media. In today’s world of real time news, quick answers and instant gratification, business owners and association leaders must rapidly communicate their missions and products to customers by, according to Brown, a “TLC” approach: Transparency, Learning and Co-Creation.

Giving online users and customers the real story about your business is a sure way to garner customer satisfaction and trust. Our company utilizes the common Facebook and Linkedin approaches to sharing our client stories, successes and upcoming events. Beyond this, we take the time to recognize the professional successes of our team members. He suggested personalizing business as a critical method if we want to garner trust and end-user response. Social media can be used for good. It makes good sense to utilize crowd funding programs, promote fund raising events, special business product promotions and to invite customers into your business. The more businesses and organizations engage, the more the earning and donor potential can be seen and felt.

Providing a learning environment both in our consulting and through our service technology is the other approach we use to engage. Not only do we offer the nonprofit and small business industries “best practice” methods, but often share other points of view articles where clients and members can share. Brown suggested that businesses must create a culture with a POV-point of view. Although article sharing may be the best approach for JBEC Group, it can often get manic attempting constant member feedback on with 7 million members and users. However, his suggestion to create an inviting environment that challenges trends, new thoughts and ideas was a commendable approach. Thank goodness, we decided to create an online member event last November that engaged our members all over the world. Online events are sure to give businesses and technology companies the statistics and response inventory needed to make business and product improvements. Feedback allows businesses to change strategies, makes improvements and increase customer satisfaction. Again, businesses can become more financially strong.

Last but certainly not least, the co-creation approach Brown offered ignited our thoughts about our clients. We have spent tireless hours on customization and tailoring our consulting strategies to enhance small businesses and nonprofits. The capacity to attract investors, donors and those who can assist in business metrics are just some of the tools we use everyday.  Of course, different strategies are used when building donors for our nonprofit clients versus researching and attracting new investors in energy, medicine and community redevelopment. Nonetheless, Brown encouraged us to build synergy through partnerships, local projects and to take an inventory of your passion about your work.

Let’s face it, every business requires leveraging of resources, product promotions and increased marketing. What better way to do that than through our social media opportunities and outlets. We are all now responsible for our own public relations and the internet has given us this power~the power to message our supporters, volunteers and equally important, our partners. We have a prime opportunity to share our stories, business goals and more importantly, our relevance in the world-wide, economic marketplace. Social media and networking creates a unique platform for us to build capacity, seek out like-minds for business methods and projects; and increase our bottom lines. Social networking just makes good cents.

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