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Financing Your Business

Do you need money to start or expand your business? In this seminar, you will learn about various financing options through banks; types of loans and SBA guaranteed loan programs.


Building the Ultimate Business Plan

Topic: Business Basics

Business planning is the foundation to starting a new venture, raising funds or growing your business. Receive all the tools necessary to complete a practical business plan, including a copy of the Ultimate Business Planner software. Our expert advice simplifies conducting necessary research to make decisions and develop financial projections. Don’t be intimidated, take the first step.

Speaker: James Taylor

*Parking Available in Visitor Parking & South Lot Only


Introduction to Government Contracting

This seminar provides an in-depth examination and clarification on the federal government contracting Process. Topics include the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), registration with the federal government at www.sam.gov, acquisition principles, definitions, ethics, contract clauses, procurement methods, contract types, and socioeconomic programs.