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Effectively Managing Your Business with QuickBooks

Presented by SCORE

As a business owner, the primary value of QuickBooks, or any accounting software, is to provide you with the financial and management data that will help you effectively manage your business. Additionally, it should provide you with consistently accurate data for the preparation of any tax or compliance forms required by government or industry agencies.

Whether you are using an outside accountant, an internal bookkeeper, or doing the bookkeeping yourself, you need to have a fundamental understanding of how the accounting software generates the numbers that make up your financial and performance reports and understand how the daily bookkeeping processes categorize the data that is used in the reports.

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Small Business Certification and Surety Bond Programs

Learn how SBA Certification Programs and SBA Guaranteed Surety Bonds can help you sell to the Federal Government and Others.

Speaker(s): Robert Chavarria


Excel Dashboard Training

Excel dashboards allow a significant amount of information to be presented in one place on one screen. Maybe a simple spreadsheet isn’t cutting it anymore with your colleagues or clients. Maybe you want your data to be easily digestible AND visually appealing. Having all of your key performance indicators in one dashboard can allow you to garner valuable insights that were previously unattainable.