The Top 10 Qualities To Nurture That Attract Clients

  1. Being trustworthy, knowledgeable, considerate, and helping people feel quickly at ease.
  2. Bringing a real lightness to your interactions, all of them!
  3. Being incredibly courageous and full of experiences: just being around you accelerates the growth of oth- ers.
  4. Having a “bigger than life” fun attitude and ways. You can always laugh at yourself!
  5. Having a positive attitude and providing good mirroring and role modeling.
  6. Listening well.
  7. Encouraging and challenging people to “step outside the box” and grow at their own speed.
  8. Sharing your perceptions, thoughts & intuitions in gentle & vivid ways.
  9. Looking for the brilliance and unique beauty in all individuals and readily reflecting this back in celebration for them to see.
  10. Helping people find the portal through which they can connect with their Higher Power/inner divinity and get in touch with their personal “great plan”.
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