Tips for Marketing on a Budget

Know Your Niche

Take time to identify and reevaluate who your ideal target customer is and write it down. Even though almost everyone could use your product or services, trying to market to ‘everybody’ is  a sure way to get your message across to ‘nobody’.  By having a narrow niche you’ll be seen as an expert and will stand apart from the crowd.

Have a Great Audio Logo

An audio logo is how you communicate your value proposition.   Position yourself apart you’re your competition and communicate your value in a compelling way.  Remember to say who you  work with, describe the problems you solve, share the benefits your clients get from your products or services and tell a client success story.

Direct Outreach     

Get out there talking to and meeting people.  Stop hiding in your office surfing the web.  Make it a goal that you’re going to pass out a hundred business cards.  Find ways to talk to a hundred people this month.  Find out what they do and share information.  Make it your goal to get out there.

Leverage your email Signature

Your email signature is valuable.  Not only should it have your name and contact information, it should also promote your business.  Make an effort to have at least one link at the end of every email.  Not only will you get visitors to your website, but you will also build awareness of what you have to offer.

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