Top 10 Reasons that Businesses Succeed

1. The experience and skills of the top managers.

2. The energy, persistence and resourcefulness (the will to make the business succeed) of the top managers.

3. A product that is at least a cut above the competition and service that doesn’t get in the way of people buying.

4. The ability to create a “buzz” around the product with aggressive and strategic marketing.

5. Deal-making skills to sell the product at the highest possible price given your market.

6. The ability to keep developing new products to retain and build a customer base.

7. Deal-making skills to work with resource suppliers to keep costs low.

8. The maturity to treat employees, suppliers and partners fairly and respectfully.

9. Superior location and/or promotion creating a connection between your product and where it can be obtained.

10. A steady source of business during both good economic times and downturns.

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