Who you surround yourself with is much more important than how many are in your network.

Networking is a necessity in today’s ever-changing writing atmosphere and global marketplace. There are many levels of personal and professional connections that can lift you higher. These people motivate you, give you sound advice, and provide that boost to help you to the top.

It’s important to know who may be a good influence on your goals and productivity. As you begin to network with fellow Expert Authors in your niche, inspiring mentors, and influential (“angel”) clients, think about who you would want by your side when it counts.

Turn to the right people who will help you increase your credibility as an Expert Author by seeking the following 5 personalities to add to your network.

The Idealist – You are passionate about your dreams. This passion is a must to enjoy your work and make your dreams come true. The Idealist is someone who will listen to your ideas, share insight, and work with you to help you achieve your goals. Their lack of criticism or negative judgment in the beginning can be a needed relief while you work together on coming up with the best route to take. Brainstorming is the key to innovation, so include The Idealist in your network to positively and productively influence your goals.


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